THE KREOLES is proud to announce the new studio album “Behind The Mask”.
Ivan McSimon, guitarist/singer, worked on composing and songwriting during last year’s pandemic’s first wave, right after coming back from tour with Halcyon Way.
This is an independent album as its predecessor “Next Stop The Madness” (2019, with Jeff Water’s collaboration – Annihilator).
All graphics made by Katja from Shiverlab.
The album will be officially unleashed on 24th of September 2021 on all the main digital platforms.
  1) My Darkest Side
  2) Suspended In Empty Space
  3) Gonna Make It Through
  4) Behind The Mask
  5) The King’s Rest
  6) Life Is An Illusion
  7) Don’t Let Me Live Alone
  8) Locked Up
  9) Mirror Of Life
10) Relax